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Moshe Moreno has 32 years of experience in the field of investigations, 7 years working as an investigator and intelligence coordinator for the government, and 25 years as a private investigator specializing in a number of various fields:

gathering information and recruiting agents, providing creative solutions to complex cases
by using sophisticated means of  intelligence
international investigations
detection and exposure of fraud and deception
covert surveillance, using state-of-the-art technology
questioning and gathering evidence
marital investigations in divorce cases
detection and prevention of corporate and industrial espionage
insurance and claims investigations
installation and rental of hidden video cameras.

The office provides services in the following languages: Hebrew, Arabic, French, English, Italian and Spanish.

Moshe Moreno Investigations Bureau is a member of the Israel Bureau of Private Investigators and licensed by the Ministry of Justice to operate a detective bureau. The team speaks Hebrew, French, English, Italian and Spanish.

Moshe Moreno Investigations Bureau provides investigation and intelligence services to local councils, companies, associations, law firms, as well as to private individuals. Over the years the office has solved numerous cases, among them complex cases dealt with by agents such as the FBI, Interpol and the Israel Police Force.

The features that make up Moshe Moreno Investigations Bureau combine together to make a winning formula for success.

Dependability is most important in an investigator's work. Moshe Moreno Investigations Bureau keeps in close contact with their clients, presenting them with the most reliable reports and information.

The investigators at Moshe Moreno Investigations Bureau work with tireless determination to reach their goal, solving cases in Israel and abroad. In life-threatening situations the self-sacrificing investigators put themselves at risk.

Professionalism, Creativity & Savoir Faire
Moshe Moreno Investigations Bureau has always operated in agreement with the teachings of the proverb "For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war". The investigators use unconventional means and methods for their operations. These methods are exceptionally important when investigating sophisticated "white collar" crimes.

Over the years Moshe Moreno Investigations Bureau has been accountable for successfully solving many of the most complex cases in Israel.

Huge Embezzlement at Albar
Albar Ltd. turned to Moshe Moreno Investigations Bureau following suspicions that had arisen regarding the company's Manager of Operations. According to these suspicions the department manager had conspired with an automobile diagnostics company in Petah Tikva to embezzle Albar. Moshe Moreno Investigations Bureau conducted a lengthy surveillance of the suspect and discovered that the manager of the diagnostics company had been issuing false reports claiming sound vehicles to be defective. In so doing, tens if not hundreds of vehicles were sold for the full price while the Manager of Operations presented fake reports to Albar stating that the vehicles had been sold for a reduced price. The suspects pocketed the difference. In April 2004 they were arrested.

Solving the Kidnapping of a 5 Year Old Little Girl
A 5 year old little girl, the daughter of divorced Jewish parents from the USA, was kidnapped by her mother who had become a baalat teshuva. The child was abducted to Jerusalem and hidden there by the Orthodox community. The case kept the FBI, Interpol, private investigators in Israel and worldwide, as well as the courts in Israel and the USA occupied for a period of 5 months. This complex case was finally solved with the intervention of the Moshe Moreno Investigations Bureau.
For the full story click here.

Five Years of Imprisonment Ended in a Detective Rescue
For 5 years Ronit D's family, a religious family from India, had no idea of her whereabouts or what had become of her after having been captured by a dangerous African sect.
When all means to find her yielded no results, the family turned to Moshe Moreno, himself being a religious private investigator. Moshe took on the case as his own personal project. A worldwide investigation was launched to try and find some clue as to the girl's whereabouts.
After a tireless journey, it was discovered that she was being held hostage in a shop in the heart of Zurich. It didn't take much for Moshe to get the girl's family along with a blessing from Maran Rabbi Kanievsky Shalita and get on a plane to Switzerland.
Here begins the incredible story of her rescue, recorded minute by minute on Moshe's hidden camera.
For the full story click here.

Hebrew article, read here

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